The Cookie Worskhop is proud to be a nut-free facility. We understand the severity of nut allergies and take every possible precaution to ensure that no nuts, even in trace amounts, are used or present anywhere in our store. While many of our products such as our cookie dough are home-made in a nut-free environment, we make sure that any products or ingredients we purchase from outside sources are also nut-free.

Based on strict company policy, we prohibit all employees from bringing in any food products that contain nuts of any kind, even in trace amounts, or products that were manufactured in a facility that processes nuts of any kinds.

We also request that all guests at The Cookie Workshop refrain from bringing in food products that are not completely nut-free. Should any such products be brought into our store, we reserve the right to take possession of them in order to preserve and ensure the safety of the store for all of our guests.