Drop-by Cookie Making

Don’t want to mess up your own kitchen? Looking for a fun, creative idea for something to do? Stop-by The Cookie Workshop to make and decorate your own sugar cookies during our Drop-by Cookie Making hours (allow about an hour of creation time)!  This is a great activity for playdates, parent-child bonding, or adults looking for a fun evening with friends. Our drop-by area accommodates up to 16 decorators at one time. However, due to COVID-19 capacity limitations, reservations are required.  If you have a larger group with a total spend of $180 or more, you can book a time Tuesday-Friday, 10:45a-7:15p and get exclusive use of the party room for 1 1/2 hours.

Similar to the Cookie Party, each person is given 1-2 balls of flavored sugar cookie dough (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, chocolate chip, or sprinkle) which makes 8-24 cookies depending on the number of balls and the size of the cookie cutters. Roll out the dough and cut it using unique-shaped cookie cutters. Watch the cookies bake in our bakery kitchen. Then decorate the cookies using a variety of sprinkles and icing

– Cookie-making experience (2 balls of dough which make 12-24 cookies and 2 bags of icing*): $18 per person
– Cookie-making experience (1 ball of dough which makes 6-12 cookies and 1 bag of icing*): $12 per person
– Embroidered Apron with The Cookie Workshop Logo (multiple colors available): $18
– Cloth Apron: $5
– Paper Apron: $2.50
– Chef’s Hat: $2.50

* Additional icing bags can be purchased for $2 each.

We also offer a gluten-free, egg-free, and dairy-free cookie-making experiences (please call ahead so that we can have the dough ready for you). Due to the cost of the gluten-free flour, we charge $24/person for 2 balls of dough and $15/person for 1 ball of dough. While we do not use any products containing gluten in our dough, we do use regular flour in our bakery so minimal cross-contamination may occur.

If you are coming with your child who is old enough to create cookies on his/her own, we have a comfortable parents area with free Wi-fi where you can relax and grab a cup of coffee while your child makes their creations!

Note: Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by a parent.