Cookie Dough Policy

In our efforts to make your experience at The Cookie Workshop as enjoyable and safe as possible, we, in accordance with an Advisory from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), strongly discourage anyone from eating any raw cookie dough before it has been properly cooked. This is especially true for children and pregnant women. Anyone seen eating raw cookie dough or handling it in an unsafe manner will be politely asked to refrain from such conduct.
We also strongly suggest and encourage that not only should you and any guests of yours not eat any raw cookie dough, but that anyone that has handled raw cookie dough should carefully wash their hands after any contact with it. The Cookie Workshop meticulously and frequently washes all work surfaces and utensils that have come into contact with raw cookie dough. We also store our cookie dough in strict accordance with the FDA Advisory, and separate it from other food products to prevent any cross-contamination.